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Selling Your Car

Sell Your Car Outright

It's understandable if you don't want to deal with the responsibilities of selling a used car.


While it's easy to list your car on on-line sales sites, not everyone has time to schedule meetings with potential buyers or the desire to negotiate price, verify payment, or work with a buyer who's trying to get financing.


Selling your used car yourself will likely get you more money, but it also takes time -- time that some people just aren't willing to invest.


As a result, you may want to sell your old car to a dealership. But will they buy it if you aren't trading it in for a newer model?

Trade Your Car In



Perhaps the biggest downside to trading in is that, generally, you are more likely to get a lower price for your old car trading it in than you will by selling it privately.


So, to a certain extent, it comes down to convenience versus return.


Having a car to trade in, however, can give you a little more negotiating power with your chosen dealer.


For in this case, it is not the price of the new car that matters but rather the changeover price or the difference you have to pay between what the new car costs and what the dealer is prepared to offer you for your old car.

Consignment Option


Consignment is something many have not considered before but it can achieve the best result for both the seller and the dealer.


Consignment allows the dealer to give back more money than a trade in or purchase.


The seller gets the benefit of having the dealership working hard to get the car sold without having to worry about scheduling test drive or not know who turns up to their home.


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